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Creating a new way home.

Anthos|Home was founded in 2022 by Laura Lazarus and Leslie Abbey, two leaders with decades of experience in affordable housing development, government and nonprofits.  Their inspiration originated from work with youth and families who had vouchers but still struggled to find housing, while their combined experience enabled them to understand the complex challenges on all sides of the issue.

The model is based on the successful Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool created by Brilliant Corners in Los Angeles that uses flexible funding to bring apartments online and quickly move in tenants with housing vouchers.

Anthos|Home partners with government, nonprofits, housing providers, and others to help voucher holders quickly find and move into affordable housing.  At the same time, we work to ease the risk and administrative burden of vouchers for housing providers and provide supports to both tenants and housing providers to ensure housing stability.

By streamlining every step of the process, Anthos|Home frees up precious government and nonprofit resources to help address homelessness in New York.

Interested in transforming the landscape of NYC homelessness?

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