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Creating a new way home.

Anthos|Home is an innovative new nonprofit organization that aims to reduce homelessness in New York City by transforming the way housing subsidies are utilized to locate and rent available housing.

We are modeled on the nationally recognized Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool operationalized by Brilliant Corners in Los Angeles, a successful housing clearinghouse that uses flexible funding to bring apartments online and quickly move in tenants with housing vouchers.  


Anthos|Home will collaborate with government partners, non-profit organizations, landlords, and other entities to streamline the apartment search, approval, and move-in processes, as well as support housing retention, ultimately making the New York City housing voucher process work better for more households. The organization will be a game-changer for New Yorkers who are unhoused or at risk of homelessness, for landlords, and for the public agencies that manage the housing subsidy systems.

Interested in transforming the landscape of NYC homelessness?

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